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Building the Dream Home

Here’s the scenario:

You’re in the market for a new home.

Simple right?

The question is loaded.

Here’s two ways to approach it:

Are you looking to get into a home that currently exists or is about to exist that is, for all intents and purposes, space you need to conform to?


Are you looking to create the space (home) that exists in your head and conforms to what you’re looking to get out of the property?

On the surface, those two approaches should be the basic idea of which route you’re looking to take.

If you answered “yes” to the second question, that’s where we at Becker Custom Building come in. We’ve been in the business of constructing our client’s “dream homes” throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts for over 45 years now. What we like to stress is; there are many custom builders out there for you to choose from. But be mindful of the sentiment that when it comes to bringing your dream to fruition the act of getting the project from point A to point B requires more than a hammer and nails. We’re here to guide you and help you craft the home you’ve always wanted, the way you’ve always wanted it.

The beauty of heading down the path towards creating a custom home is:

  • Your home can be built on land you own or land that you acquire wherever you desire that location to be.
  • You can supply a floor plan or commission a set of floor plans to be drawn from scratch. We can help you with that if you’re in need.
  • There is no template. You’re not subject to limited choices. Instead you’ve got limitless possibilities at your disposal.
  • You’ll be more involved in the process and have the opportunity to make decisions as the process unfolds. We work with you, not for you. There’s a difference.

Real things to consider when building your own home:

  • Your budget. Only you can define what that looks like.
  • Your timeline. Patience is of virtue when it comes to building a custom home. Remember, this is not a pre-fabricated structure. It’s not delivered on a truck.
  • The “menu.” In short, there isn’t one. So work through what you’re looking for in your dream home, and ask questions if you’re unsure of what that looks like in the grand scheme of things (refer to the 1st and 2nd bullet…)
  • The details. It’s imperative to think about window locations, lifestyle “flow,” energy efficiencies in raw build and bolstered technologies, etc. We can help you talk through these (sometimes) overlooked items.
  • Building code and zoning restrictions. This is important. It varies town to town. Lucky for you, our wealth of experience in Boston’s North Shore, and throughout Massachusetts, will have you one step ahead of the curve. Our wisdom is your wisdom.
  • Site prep. You’ve purchased your land, and need to plan for the costs associated with developing it before building can begin. Such things include:
    • Building a driveway
    • Bringing in water
    • Electric and sewage lines
    • Excavating the foundation

We can help you estimate those costs and connect you to a variety of reputable sources, too.

Knowing what to expect at each stage – especially what choices you’ll make and when – can make the process of creating and constructing your custom home smooth and relatively painless. If you’re working with a builder that has you, your vision, and your best intentions in mind, you can take comfort in knowing that the end result of the home you’ve always dreamed about will be just that. We at Becker Custom Building pride ourselves on our innate ability to listen to what you’re looking to achieve, putting a plan in action, and delivering exactly what you’ve been dreaming about for all these years.