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Let’s talk kitchens. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen – from day-to-day food preparation and cleanup, to hosting guests – the kitchen, in many ways, is the heart of the home. With respect to this notion, more homeowners and home buyers are spending more time and a longer, discerning eye on what they can do to make or obtain a kitchen that is optimized for their unique needs in terms of functionality and style.

Kitchen renovations and new builds are abound and so we thought we’d lay down some thoughts into focal points and industry information that you might find helpful when considering your own kitchen and how it works for you.

The open floor plan. In recent memory, the open floor plan of a kitchen has become something of an automatic choice. Opening up your kitchen to your living quarters allows for better access to family and better entertaining options. You no longer need to be alienated in your kitchen and removed from the people around you. And, an open kitchen concept makes for easier property navigation as well as a means for more assertive communication – be it with family or friends. When the walls are knocked down, limitations and boundaries are no more – making for a more comfortable and functional space.

Islands. Along with the sentiment of entertaining and better interaction with your family and space, islands are becoming more and more commonplace – in many ways, more common than an actual kitchen table. People gather around the island to converse and take in the action happening in the kitchen. Islands add comfort, elegance, and multi-functional support – from added prep space, to collective spot to convene.

Storage. Honestly, this is the most important piece of a functional kitchen. With time come gadgets. The latest and greatest kitchen technologies take up a lot of space, and, we need to remember that those counters serve as more than a “shelf” to hold our growing collection of kitchen appliances. Not to mention the general assortment of plates, bowls, glassware, cutlery, non-perishable food items, and everything else we’ve got hiding behind cabinet doors. How do you get the most out of your storage? Well, we may be biased, but custom storage solutions designed and fabricated for your unique needs is the best way to go. We at Becker Custom Builders can certainly help you out with just that.

Contrast light and shadow. Don’t get stuck in thinking about solid colors. Let your unique design sensibilities shine through. Contrast beautiful dark cabinetry with a lighter floor or gradient-fueled backsplashes. Consider a granite or marble countertop milled specifically for you. Contrasting the elements of your kitchen adds a bit of drama and elegance to the space. Ambiance is important.

Timeless farmhouse flair. While we recognize this may not be for everyone, we also appreciate that it’s becoming more and more popular. Taking a look back at classic architecture while footed present, contemporary times. Exposed beams, beautiful “raw” wood accents and custom milled cabinetry. The farmhouse aesthetic is timeless and adds an inherent feeling of comfort and sentimentally steeped familial flare.

Marry the design and décor of the kitchen with the rest of your home. In older homes, the feel of the kitchen is often quite removed from the feel of the rest of the home. When it comes to finishing touches and unique décor, we tend to focus more on the other areas of our home and ignore the kitchen. Don’t fall into this. Accent your kitchen so that ties in seamlessly with the rest of your residence. This is especially imperative if you’re adopting the open concept model we spoke about in the first entry above.

At Becker Custom Builders we’re in business to talk (and walk) you through every step of your project. From renovations to new builds – accent work to full-fledged home components – we’ve done it all, and we do it well. We don’t follow a template, we follow your dreams. Let’s bring your dream to fruition. Contact us today!