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Thinking about a new custom home?

It’s a New Year, and with come the customary “resolutions” that we all strive to get in line for our own personal betterment. They generally have to do with shedding a few pounds (likely gained during the wonderful gorging that happens during the holiday season), but why not think outside the box a little bit this year – while, for all intents in purposes, remaining “in the box.”

That box of course, is your home.

Let’s take a moment to discuss five quick ways to bring a healthy facelift to your dwelling in the New Year, giving it increased value and those that live within it renewed excitement and a fresh approach to living well and maximizing comfort.

Custom Cabinetry – Let’s take this from the perspective of a buyer for a moment. When people are looking at a property one of the first things they do is head to the kitchen and check out “the heart” of the home. While in the kitchen, one of the first courses of action is to open every cabinet in the space and ask aloud if there’s enough storage for all that we pack into our kitchens. For many, these cabinets are nothing but standard stock manufactured details. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t add any value or heighted intrigue to the property.

Becker Custom Building has been helping homeowners to design and custom build their ultimate kitchen cabinet experience since 1972. There’s something to be said about a beautiful set of cabinets with enough space to facilitate al of your storage needs while adding an element of grandeur to the house. Hardwood, custom cabinets will leave you basking in the glory of the finished product – a product you’ll relive with each passing open and shut of a cabinet. It will also add increased value to your property, and in the event of showings with hopes of a sale, it will keep the prospective buyer’s attention for far longer than it would if you were showcasing the general, stock cabinets sold off the shelves at the local Home Depot. Custom cabinetry is one of the ultimate trophies of any home.

Well-Built Wood Floors – While the kitchen is “the heart” of the home, your floors are, well, the support – the backbone… Without floors you have no home – all you have is a frame and no way to get around. Again, from the perspective of a buyer, the floors are the first things the eyes are drawn to. Are they carpeted? Are they covered in linoleum? Are they a synthetic fabricated material that looks like wood? Or are they actual hard wood? A great percentage of people buying homes today are looking for genuine hardwood floors. They add an element of rustic sophistication and functionality.

Becker Custom Building prides ourselves on custom built, stunningly fit hardwood floors – be it oak, maple, or a softer but captivating knotty pine. If someone walks through a home during a showing they’ll often drive the price down aloud when they say, ‘well, we can always rip up these floors and lay down a new one.’ Why not get it right now, and bask in the added financial bump when you’re ready to sell your property; and enjoy those floors infinitely while you’re living there. A well built, custom-flooring job says a lot about the overall quality of a home. If it’s the first thing people see, give them something to talk about right out of the gate.

Bathroom Tile Work – Get out from under the linoleum floors and painted walls. Add tile to your bathroom for a sophisticated look that adds a tremendous degree of functionality. Tile adds visual intrigue while supporting a healthier climate that cuts down on humidity and gives you better protection against the water that inevitably flows in the bathroom.

Becker Custom Building has been working with homeowner for decades to bring form and function to the custom tile jobs in their bathrooms. Tiling the walls and floors bring with it infinite design possibilities as well as unparalleled durability that stands up to the environmental conditions of such a room. Have an idea for your bathroom that you’re looking to bring to fruition through a set of capable hands? Let’s work together to get the job done!

Custom Decks Alright, let’s step outside for a second. One of the easiest ways to add functional character and more “living space” (as it exists exposed to the elements) is to build a custom deck. From hosting gatherings to simple seasonal pleasantries such as dinner on the grill, or heck, coffee in the morning while basking in a soundtrack constructed by the birds, a deck is a key element to bring your property to “the next level.”

From standard, off the back door decks, to ground level marvels and wrap around porches – Becker Custom Building has crafted some of the best decks in the business. Heck, we’ve even created a spiral staircase that climbs to the heavens of a rooftop deck for a client. Not only did that add a massive piece of unique flare, but it also added to the property with regard to the breathtaking views that were now easily (and safely) attainable from “the crow’s nest.” Consider a deck. We can help you design and create such an outdoor appendage that best suits your property while offering a return on more than one front.

Hardwood Accents and Custom Moldings – For many, getting into a prefabricated home is the only financial option they have. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world. You can do a lot with this type of residence. Adding custom milled hardwood accents such as exposed beams can make a prefabricated dwelling seem like a high-end rustic deep woods home. These little additions add a nice bump in the residual value of your property by adding a high-quality, mystical façade to the otherwise sheetrock core of the home. Further, custom moldings to accent the ceilings, windows, doors, and baseboards of your home increase the visual appeal and resale value of your property while giving you more enjoyment out of your property. And who doesn’t’ love enjoying where they live?

For more on all of these ideas and more, contact Becker Custom Builders today. If you can think it, we can build it. And if you’re just looking for options and ideas, we can facilitate those as well. Your house is a canvas – let’s make something amazing together.