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Building Dreams, One Nail at a Time.

Henry C. Becker Custom Building LTD is a full service custom building company specializing in high-end residential custom home building, remodeling and small commercial construction. We were established in 1972, and have served Boston’s North Shore, Southern New Hampshire and Southern Coastal Maine for over 40 years.

Our founder, Henry C. Becker, got his start while he was in high school, and has continued to be at the forefront of the industry for four-and-a-half decades now. Never one to cut corners on quality, Becker has long believed that each and every project the company undertakes should be viewed and acted upon as though the client’s project is our own personal mission – Approaching a home the same way we’d approach our own.

We also take pride in the familial atmosphere we’ve built as part of the working culture here at Henry C. Becker Custom Building. Our craftsmen are passionate about their work, and the longevity of their employment is part of what differentiates us from other service contract builders in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine areas. When you love what you do, it shows in the finished product time and time again. And we LOVE what we do…


Stress free. Fair market pricing. When it comes to working with us, it’s as easy as opening the door… We do all the heavy lifting to make the overall experience smooth, enjoyable, and worry-free. All you have to do is start living.

Custom Builders

We are well-respected builders in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and beyond. With decades of design experience and open ears enabling us to bring homeowners’ personal preferences and unique touches to fruition – we are the builders that make your project – your home – stand out. Because why shouldn’t your home or project be just as unique as you? From new construction to revamped remodeling, our unparalleled work and attention to detail is the trademark of a custom Becker build.

Custom Cabinetry

Having our own mill shop allows us to focus extra attention on the details that matter most. Our custom cabinetry and moldings are just a couple of the things that separate us from the rest.


An increasing number of our customers are interested in employing sustainable building practices and energy efficiency technology when building new property or renovating existing property. Every aspect of the construction process can be examined to ensure that all areas, from the foundation to finish, employ the most effective, energy-efficient and earth-friendly materials and methods possible.

At Henry C. Becker Custom Building LTD, we help our clients understand that there are tremendous opportunities to make green choices when it comes to the materials we use to build their home or remodeled space. Recycling and reclaiming materials (for example reusing old doors and hardware), reduces construction waste, as well as the overall carbon footprint of the job and location. Using sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes and paints is another green opportunity. And green is great.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy systems such as photovoltaics (solar power solutions) and geothermal systems (energy produced from the natural emanating heat of the earth) can pay for themselves quickly.

Alternative energy implementation can seriously reduce utility bills, and, like recycling, greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Good for you, good for your home, good for the earth.

Good Investment

Investing in a home, or the home you already have is one of the best uses of your financial capital that you can do. Whether it’s building a new house or remodeling your existing home, it’s important to think about a future return on investment and best utilize the materials, and practices available to you. From green appliances and energy sources, to snug insulation methods. Taking the proper steps to make sure your house is airtight can prevent rapid heat loss and drive down heating bills drastically. Our goal is to give you, our client’s options and assure you that you can always expect a great finished product that performs well for you now, and in the future when you may set yourself up for a sale of the property.

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