Architectural Services

Quality Custom Homes Start with a Plan

We’re a fully licensed, reputable, business that is fully capable of planning, designing and overseeing the entire scope that correlates with the construction of your dream home from start to finish. We cover all aspects of planning and building control, from historic restorations to new custom homes. We work with local jurisdictions about regulations and building codes and are fully compliable with all local planning and zoning laws. In short, we do all the work, so you don’t have to worry. We have trusted partnerships throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts, as well as throughout the state due to our long working history in Massachusetts.


What are some benefits of working with a builder that also provides architectural services? Here are some examples:

Keeping it in-house: You’ll be working with a team that has an intimate knowledge of all facets of the project. If something needs to be tweaked with a blueprint, it’s done quickly, there’s no waiting around waiting for another party to make the change for you, and for your builder to review the new changes…

Keeping your Best Interests at the Forefront: When you work with a builder that offers architectural designs you’re more apt to get exactly what you want, without any surprises. We know what materials cost, what custom additions are going to add to the bottom line, and we can help provide you with an insider’s knowledge of “options.” It’s invaluable insight to be working with a team that knows the project inside and out.