New Custom Homes

Custom Homes for the Unique Home Owner

Here’s the thing; we approach each customer project the same way we would approach a project for ourselves. Your new custom home about you, and therefore, every step we take to bring your dream home to reality is about exactly that, YOU. Having a new home built can be a stressful time for homebuyers, but working with a friendly group of professionals such as us, will infinitely take that stress and worry away. We yield at nothing, and spare no amount of time, effort and thought into each phase of a custom home that we build. Your dream is our dream. When you’re happy, we’re happy.


Consider the benefits of building a custom home:

Energy efficiency: Building from scratch enables you to make sure your new home is tight (to the elements and your wallet). We pride ourselves on building homes that are above and beyond “code,” which means when you turn the key and unlock your new home, it’s snug, comfortable, and optimized to market leading energy efficiency trends.

Custom appliances: Listen, you’re unique. Shouldn’t the “touches” to your home be as well? Custom appliances, and accenting milled details are going to be what makes your custom home “pop.” Lucky for you, we’re second-to-none when it comes to creating those one-of-a-kind features that really make your home, “you.”

Privacy: Create your home the way you want it to flow. If privacy is a concern and a priority, we can help you maximize the architecture and layout and create as much privacy as you desire.

Saving money: Sure, building a custom home might seem expensive out the gate, but when you consider what could go wrong with a pre-existing home on the market, you’re more apt to save money by building it correctly the first time. When it comes to custom home building in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, we’re at the forefront of the industry, we’ll make sure you’re getting best of all vantage points – a unique home, built to your specifications, in a manner that keeps your finances in perspective.

Sentimental value: You can’t put a price on sentiment. When you build the home of your dreams, it’s going to feel like an invaluable investment. There’s no compromise when it’s done how you want it to be done to fit your specific lifestyle trends. If you can dream it, we can build it.